We’ve made this simple website to help you preview and order the Beneath the Surface: 30 ways to pray for Japan prayer guide. This website will be updated periodically as the prayer guide becomes available in other languages and formats. You can also access helpful information like a list of references and links used in the prayer guide or a contact form for general inquiries.

The Beneath the Surface prayer guide was first printed in 2020 and is intended to raise prayer for Japan for the next ten years. It has been produced by OMF and Pioneers Japan in collaboration with over 35 missionaries and Japanese Christian leaders, from 17 organizations.

We want to give special thanks to the prayer guide contributors, from the following organizations: OMF International (Japan), Pioneers Japan, The Antioch Partners, Asian Access, Converge Worldwide, Evangelical Covenant Church, Grace Christian Fellowship, International Ministerial Fellowship, Japan Baptist Mission, Japan Council of Philippine Churches, Japan Evangelical Missionary Association (JEMA), Japan Presbyterian Mission (Mission to the World), OneHope Japan, SEND International, The Evangelical Alliance Mission (TEAM), Tokyo Christian University, and Worldwide Evangelization for Christ International Japan (WEC).

Japan is known for its natural beauty, distinctive culture, and advanced technology; there is much to admire. Visitors to Japan comment that people are considerate, streets are clean, trains are on time, food is presented beautifully. It is a land that leaves memorable first impressions. But beneath the surface, there is so much more–more to admire, but also much to wrestle with.

Welcome to Beneath the Surface: 30 ways to pray for Japan. We invite you to move beyond first impressions to engage with the stories and concerns of Christians in Japan. Will you join us in praying for Japan?